The Arts of Editing: Past, Present and Future

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The Arts of Editing: Past, Present and Future

On behalf of Barbara Crostini:

For eight years the Ars edendi programme at Stockholm University, funded by Riksbankens
Jubileumsfond, has functioned as a hub of textual editing, organizing seminars and
workshops, inviting lecturers and guest researchers, and developing a network of textual

This international conference, The Arts of Editing: Past, Present and Future, to be held in
Stockholm 17–19 August 2016, will mark the end of the programme, celebrate its
achievements, and explore future collaboration and new avenues of research. In addition to
key-note lectures and selected papers, three panel sessions will focus on experiences gained
from the Ars edendi programme, other large and collaborative editorial ventures, and the
future role and responsibility of editors in a changing scholarly environment. Confirmed key-
note speakers include Cynthia Damon, David Greetham, Odd-Einar Haugen, Dorothea Weber
and Jan Ziolkowski.

We invite proposals for papers on crucial methodological decisions, the impact editorial
choices have on the reception of texts, as well as broader reflections on the responsibility of
the editor as both an interpreter of texts and a mediator between cultures. Presenters will be
asked to respect a 20-minute limit on their papers.

A number of bursaries are available to cover travel and lodging expenses. To apply for a
bursary, please include an estimate of your travel costs in the abstract.

Title and abstracts in English of max. 250 words should be sent to
by 15 January 2016. Speakers selected will be notified by 15 February.

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