CfP: Working with Letters, National Library of Norway, Oslo, 27.10.2020

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CfP: Working with Letters, National Library of Norway, Oslo, 27.10.2020

Ellen Nessheim Wiger

Conference: Call for Papers

Working with Letters
National Library of Norway, Oslo, 27 October 2020

The National Library of Norway has a vast and rich collection of letters, and work extensively on this physical and digitized collection from a variety of different perspectives, ranging from collecting to publishing.

The conference Working with Letters is a collaboration with the CERL Manuscripts Librarians Working Group, and we invite researchers, manuscripts librarians and other specialists to participate and discuss a two-fold approach to letters. On the one hand, we wish to focus on the institutions and their collections of letters; on the other hand, we wish to explore the cultural history of letters.

The institutional perspective seek to focus on processes and practices that make letters available for researchers and the public. This includes a wide range of issues, from collecting and organizing to disseminating, and often combines working with the physical letter and the digitized facsimile.

The cultural perspective seek to explore letters as actors within different, but concrete cultural, historical and political contexts. Letters are important for a broad disciplinary field of researchers, and includes issues of communication technology, literature, history and everyday social life.

Submission guidelines
We welcome papers (20 min) that explore the aspects of working with letters as outlined above, but also papers with other approaches to working with letters. Deadline for submission of abstracts of 200-300 words is 1 March 2020.
Send abstracts to: